Symphony of Teaching and Learning

  • The Symphony of Teaching & Learning Program is based around practical activities both digital and physical, to engage students in learning, providing strategies for catering to even the most diverse classroom.
  • Using a combination of teaching modes including ICT, I have learnt how to inspire and engage the learning of students .
  • A fun, interactive and engaging experience that will have a profound effect on my teaching practices in the year to come.
  • The Symphony of Learning was valuable because it provided alternative methods for interacting and engaging with students that improve pedagogy and assessment (as opposed to standard methods like lecturing to and testing students). Roy Himes
    I really like how they emphasised the fact that you need a learning goal and you can’t just use ICT for the sake of using it.
  • Excellent framework to understand the different levels of teaching and learning and a practical set of tools to use to ensure that all levels of learning are incorporated making scaffolding learning in the classroom achievable, engaging and successful. Deb Thompson Digital symphonies provide a useful tool to both engage students and to supplement and facilitate learning.
  • A rewarding and insightful experience that explored various ICT methods which could sucessfully be implemented into the classroom.
  • The Symphony of Learning program was an engaging experience that well equipped me to use technology based activities in the classroom, to involve all students.

Developed by Lissa Hodson & Therese Sippel the Symphony of Teaching and Learning program used to be offered to teachers as a professional development program. While I was on PRAC my teacher showed me a resource from the Symphony PD which was absolutely amazing. It provided teachers with ICT intergrated activities that directly relate to specific areas of the Higher order thinking process. It also provides teachers with a non-ICT version of the activity. The program is well worth further investigation if you are interested.

Maddy’s blog also has some great links she has used actively in the writing of her final assignment.

Last. Few. Blogs…

Today is the official submission day for assignment 3. Arghhhhhh. I got an extension (thank goodness) because I was on Prac for an extra week, which by the way was epic fun. Whyyyyyyy can’t I just be a teacher already! Spending the last 4 weeks feeling like a functioning real life adult, that actually  interacts and has impact on the lives of other real life humans has been amazing and has for the first time given me a real taste of what my life may be like as a teacher. This final week of uni has bought crashing back the reality that I’m still just a ‘uni student’. One would hope that a taste of adulthood would kick my butt into gear and I would be approaching my last week/ last year of uni with a little more organisation and preparation. But no. Im just sitting here at the library, with my ‘lesson plan’ templates open and (if I may add) completely empty, because it would have made life just to easy to actually fill them out while I was actually on PRAC wouldn’t it. Im obviously getting nowhere with this assignment today so I thought I would at least boost my final chance at getting atlas 5% on this assignment…Ya feel me. So prepare yourselves for some research and information sharing over the next hour or so.


Take a look at Jess’s blog on taking study breaks. Lord knows we all do it

Unit planning, for like, real life!

Today I completed my classes History Assessment. I always find completing class assessment on PRAC pretty stressful. Not only have you come into the class late, but it takes time to really acquaint yourself with the unit, and understand where the kids are at and where they need to be going. Furthermore, you have to get familiar with the routines and learning styles and all that jazz. And when you think about all that has to be assessed during that tapering end of the semester, slowing down the learning can really feel like a hinderance to the kids and the teachers. But anyway, thats not what I’m focusing on today. I’m writing about how after we finished up today my mentor teacher sat down with me and we started to plan for next semester. Since I started working on the subject we have been having  extensive discourse about how the C2C plan is very heavy with information and dates and basically loads of snore worthy material and resources. So this afternoon during non contact time, we sat down together and backwards planned the whole unit. It was crazy to see. We jump through so many gad datum hoops at uni with our lesson plans and unit plans. It was really nice to sit down and plan a unit, with a desired outcome on a weekly basis, that you know will actually have relevance and be implemented in a real classroom. Especially now that I’ve got to know the students and how their personalities will mesh with the content we are planning. No word limits, no justifications, just REAL LIFE stuff!


Shout out to my good friend Maggie who turned 21 this week. You’re gonna be an awesome teacher


Last week…well not really

And so begins the last week of PRAC. In technical terms at least. For me, I have 3 make up days still to go thanks to whatever devilish sinus thing that had me down for the count last week and a very poorly organised assignment submission the week before. Although this means that I am on prac (and un-paiiiid wahh) for nearly another whole week. I feel like those extra days will be much more beneficial for my teaching experience. By cutting that first week short by a day or two means I had less time to do the boring first week stuff like sitting, observing and feeling shy and self conscious. Instead, by the time those extra days come around you are truly and solidly a part of the learning environment. You have a relationship with the other staff, your mentor and importantly the students. And you are able to explore and experiment with your developing pedagogy. I am in fact looking forward to doing those additional days because I know that they will be a valuable contribution to my experience.

I do have to say though, I am speaking from a perspective of a PRAC student with a very kind and accommodating mentor teacher with a great group of kids in a really lovely school. I’m not altogether surprised I don’t want to leave. I know from experience that sometimes that 15th day CANNOT come quick enough.

Hope you are all doing well

Miss L

My PRAC class has created a Class blog!

Something amazing happened yesterday!

Firstly I had my first lesson using ICT’s in history, and it went really well (i hope). The kids really seemed to be interested and excited to give blogging a go for themselves.

Furthermore, I was able to help my mentor teacher set up a blog for the class. She has said that she is going to use the blog to not only communicate with the students and their parents, but she’s actually going to use it for a platform to set homework and spelling words.

Here is the link of the blog I created for my history lessons.


This is the link to our class blog

Exciting stuff 🙂 giphy2

Using Blogging in the classroom

I was reading Elly’s blog the other day and she was speaking about her experiences incorperating ICT’s into her PRAC.

I find myself in the same boat, consciously aligning  and utilising ICT’s to support and emphasise pedagogy is not something I undertake naturally. I think its because I have spent most of my life in classrooms that have minimal access to ICT’s. And although I have learnt a lot of the theory behind utilising ICT’s in the classroom and I do agree with the idea that ICT’s are great for creating authentic learning experiences. I find myself struggling to apply that knowledge in the classes that I am planning to teach on this PRAC.